Bit Sets

Bit Sets

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    Bit Set in Deluxe Wooden Box - 100pc

    100 Piece Bit Set in Deluxe Wooden Box 100 assorted bits in a wood storage box 1/8 inch shank 2 steel burrs 3 diamond coated points 10 grinding stones 6 brushes 10 sanding bands 2 sanding band mandrels 10 felt wheels 1 felt mandrel 1 steel...
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    Cleaning Rotary Brush Set - 1/8 inch shank - 17pc

    17 piece Cleaning Rotary Brush Set 1/8 inch shank Assorted rotary brushes Steel, Brass and Nylon and cloth End Brushes, cup brushes and wheels Assortment may vary from picture For use with Dremel rotary tools Not in retail packaging
  • Dremel

    Dremel 684 - 20pc Cleaning / Polishing Accessory Kit

    Dremel Cleaning/Polishing Accessory Kit Dremel 684-01 20 piece set 3 Dremel 429 1 inch Felt Polishing Wheels 520 Polishing Wheel 401 Mandrel 402 Mandrel 403 Bristle Brush 404 Bristle Brush 405 Bristle Brush 428 3/4 inch Carbon Steel Brush 2...
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    Dremel 686-01 31pc Sanding and Grinding Set

    Dremel 686-01 31pc Sanding and Grinding Set. Dremel 686-01 Contains 31 genuine Dremel accessories Use sanding, smoothing, shaping or grinding Sharpen lawn tools, remove rust, sand a sticking door, engrave glass plus more! Four #432 1/2 inch Fine...
  • Dremel

    Dremel 687-01 52pc General Purpose Accessory Kit

    Dremel 52pc General Purpose Accessory Kit Dremel 687-01 Inside this accessory set are 52 assorted bits Use for cutting, grinding, carving, engraving, shaping, sanding, cleaning and polishing 1 - 194 High Speed Cutter 1 - 952 Aluminum Oxide...
  • Dremel

    Dremel 688 69pc Cut-Off Wheel Set

    Dremel 688 Cut-Off Wheel Set 69 piece set One 402 Mandrel Two 420 15/16 inch Heavy-Duty Cut-Off Wheels 36 piece 409 15/16 inch Emery Cut-Off Wheels 20 piece 420 15/16 inch Heavy-Duty Cut-Off Wheels Four 426 1 1/4 inch Fiberglass-Reinforced...
  • Dremel

    Dremel 689-01 11pc Carving / Engraving Accessory Kit

    Dremel 11pc Carving/Engraving Set Dremel 689-01 Contains 11 genuine Dremel accessories Use for almost every engraving, etching, or intricate carving need Carve intricate details, etch glass, stoneware, terra cotta and more! 83142 9/32 inch Silicon...
  • Dremel

    Dremel 709-02 All-Purpose Accessory Kit - 110pc

    110pc Dremel Super Accessory Kit Dremel 709-01 Comes with re-useable storage case and 110 accessories Ideal for cutting, sanding, polishing, grinding, and cleaning Clear lid, 8 storage bins and removable trays make accessories easy to locate A...
  • Dremel

    Dremel 710-08 160pc All Purpose Accessory Kit

    Dremel 710-08 160pc All Purpose Accessory Storage Kit This versatile and re-usable accessory kit includes everything you need to cut, grind, sand, polish, drill, sharpen, clean and more 2 - EZ456 1 1/2 inch Reinforced Cut-Off Wheel 1 - EZ476 1 1/2...
  • Dremel

    Dremel EZ684-01 EZ Lock Mini Sanding/Polishing Kit - 7pc

    Dremel EZ Lock Mini Sanding/Polishing Kit Dremel EZ684-01 Contains 7 EZ Lock sanding and polishing accessories 511E 180 & 280 Grit Abrasive Buffs 512E 320 Grit Abrasive Buff EZ471SA 36 Grit, Detail Abrasive Brush EZ472SA 120 Grit, Detail...
  • Dremel

    Dremel EZ686-01 EZ Lock Sanding and Grinding Set

    Dremel EZ Lock Sanding and Grinding Kit Dremel EZ686-01 18 EZ Lock sanding and grinding accessories One EZ407SA EZ Drum mandrel One EZ402 Mandrel Two EZ411SA EZ Lock sanding discs, 180 grit Two EZ412SA EZ Lock sanding discs, 220 grit Two EZ413SA...
  • Dremel

    Dremel EZ688 EZ Lock Plastic and Metal Cutting Kit - 11pc

    Dremel EZ Lock Mini Cutting Kit Dremel EZ688-01 For cutting plastic and metal 1 - EZ402 Mandrel 3 - EZ476 Plastic Cutting Wheels 3 - EZ409 Thin-Cut, Cutting Wheels 4 - EZ456 Cutting Wheels Re-usable hard case storage Case converts to bin...
  • HAWK

    General Purpose Bit Set - 216pc

    216 Piece General Purpose Bit Set Everything you need to use your tool in a variety of applications Cut, sand, grind, carve, polish, and more Fiberglass reinforced cut-off wheels Emery cut-off wheels Grinding Stones Collets Mandrels Diamond...
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    Hard Felt Polishing Set - 11pc

    Special Buy - Regularly $7.97 - Mounted Hard Felt Polishing Set 11 piece set Assorted Felt Polishing Points Sizes range from 1/4 to 1/2 inch diameter 1/8 inch shank Hard felt is constructed of pure wool Assortment may vary from picture Shapes...
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    Rotary Tool Accessory Set - Wood Box - 228pc

    228 Piece Rotary Tool Accessory Set Assorted bits in a wooden storage box Sanding bands and mandrels Fiberglass reinforced cutoff wheels Grinding wheels Grinding stones Rubber polishing wheels Felt polishing wheels Felt polishing tips Silicon...
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    Rubber Polisher Set - 1/8 inch shank - 54pc

    54pc Rubber Polisher Set, 1/8 inch shank Removes scratches and small burrs left from grinding and sanding Used for polishing most ferrous metals, stones, glass, ceramics, etc. Contains 3 of each size, shape, and grit in a storage box 80 Grit:...