Hobby Supplies

Hobby Supplies

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    Gold Pan - 10 inch

    10 inch plastic gold pan 10 inch diameter Plastic 2 ridges For fun or educational gold panning Use pans for gold rush party centerpieces Previously SDA4-GP10
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    34pc Needle File Set

    Special Buy - 34pc Needle File Set 34 piece set Made by combining 3 different needle file sets 12pc 2mm x 100mm Fine Cut Mini Needle File Set 12pc 3mm x 140mm Needle File Set with plastic dipped handles 10pc 3mm x 140mm Angled Riffler Needle File...
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    Darice 3959-56 FUCHSIA 20 Gauge Craft Wire - 8 yards

    Darice 3959-56 FUCHSIA / HOT PINK 20 Gauge Craft Wire Darice 3959-56 8 yards Hot pink / fuchsia craft wire 20 gauge wire is about 0.035 inch / 0.86mm diameter Solid copper wire with a tarnish resistant colored coating Use for jewelry, scrapbook,...
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    Water Bottle Holder with Carabiner - Slip On

    Water Bottle Holder with Carabiner Used to hold most water bottles with cap sizes ranging from 10-20mm Simply slip the water bottle neck through the heavy duty rubber slip on holder and clip the carabiner onto your belt or a strap Includes a split...
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    1 1/2 inch Round Plastic Jars with Screw On Lids - 5pc

    5pc 1 1/2 inch Round Clear Plastic Containers 5 piece set 1.5 inch round Clear plastic storage containers Outside measures about 1 1/2 inch diameter x 1 1/4 inch tall Inside measures about 1 1/4 inch diameter x 3/4 deep Each one of these has its...
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    Darice 32024-4 GOLD Jewelry Wire 18 Gauge 10 yards

    Gold Copper Jewelry Wire 18 gauge Darice 32024-4 10 yard spool Solid copper wire Tarnish resistant coating 18 gauge wires is approximately 0.038 inch / 1.00mm in diameter Use for jewelry, wire wrapping, beading
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    Darice 3958-76 BLACK 20 Gauge Craft Wire - 8 yards

    BLACK 20 Gauge Craft Wire Darice 3958-76 8 yards Black craft wire 20 gauge wire is approximately 0.035 inch / 0.86mm in diameter Solid copper wire with a tarnish resistant colored coating Use for jewelry, wire wrap vases, candles, hair picks,...
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    1 1/4 inch Round Aluminum Jar Set - 12pc

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    12pc 1 1/4 inch (30mm) Round Aluminum Storage Jar Set 12 piece set 1 1/4 inch (30mm) Round Aluminum jars  Individual containers have an outside height of about 3/4 inch Aluminum hinged box for compact storage Each container has a clear push...
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    Nelson 77360 RainTrain Tractor FRONT WHEEL Set

    Nelson 77360 Rain Train Front Wheel Set Replacement front wheel set for the Nelson 1865 and 50970 Traveling Sprinklers Includes: a front wheel assembly, an attachment bolt and two nylon washers Overall wheel diameter is 3 1/2 inches
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    Rare Earth Magnets - 8 pound - 2pc

    Super Strong Nickel Neodymium Magnets, 8lb 2 piece set Hold up to 8 pounds Super strong rare earth magnets Magnets are about 1/2 inch diameter by 3/16 inch thick, but may vary Magnets may contain chips in the finish Previously WB12
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    Darice 3958-71 COPPER 26 Gauge Craft Wire - 30 yards

    COPPER Craft Wire, 26 Gauge Darice 3958-71 30 yards Copper colored craft wire Solid copper wire with an tarnish resistant coating 26 gauge wires is approximately 0.0165 inch / 0.42mm in diameter Great for wire crochet, stitching, embroidery, seed bead...
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    Fiskars Pencil and Crayon Sharpener - Color Varies

    Fiskars Mess-Less Pencil and Crayon Sharpener Fiskars 12-95900J Easy-to-use Sharpen pencils and crayons with the Mess-Less Sharpener Insert the pencil or crayon, squeeze the ends, turn to sharpen and release All of the shavings will be trapped...
  • Miracle Cloth

    Miracle All Purpose Polishing Cloth

    Miracle All Purpose Polishing Cloth Polishing cloth Measures about 8 1/2 by 11 inch Replaces a full shelf of liquid, paste, and powder cleaners Cleans, waxes and polishes Use on all metals including copper, brass, gold, silver, and platinum Use...
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    Survival / Emergency Sleeping Bag

    Survival Emergency Sleeping Bag 36 x 84 inches Made from polyester mylar Can also be used for an emergency ground cover or as a reflector Lightweight, easy to use Uses your own body heat or solar energy to keep you warm Use for camping, hiking,...
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    3/4 inch Plastic Storage Containers - Screw On Lids - 30pc

    3/4 inch Round Plastic Storage Containers 30 containers with screw on lids Clear plastic Outside each container is about 1 inch diameter by 1 1/5 inches tall Inside they are about 3/4 inch diameter by 1 inch tall These containers will not stack...
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    Darice 3959-01 Pink 20 Gauge Silver Plate Wire - 8 yards

    Darice 3959-01 Silver Plated Pink 20 Gauge Craft Wire. 8 yards of 20 gauge pink craft wire. Silver plated solid copper wire that is coated in pink and then dipped in a tarnish resistant coating. 20 gauge wires is approximately 0.035 inch / 0.86mm in...