Hobby Supplies

Hobby Supplies

  • SE

    Wire and Strip Bending Jig

    Wire and Strip Bending Jig Jig is made of rubbed die cast aluminum Includes 4 pins for bending wire Designed to handle steel and softer wires up to 1/4 inch in diameter. Bend curves, angles, hearts, and make eyes with this great tool It can be...
  • Darice

    Darice 3958-79 COPPER 20 Gauge Craft Wire - 8 yards

    COPPER Craft Wire, 20 Gauge Darice 3958-79 8 yards Copper craft wire 20 gauge wire is about 0.035 inch / 0.86mm diameter Solid copper wire with a tarnish resistant colored coating Wire wrap jewelry, candles, hair picks, glass bottles,...
  • Darice

    Darice 3959-51 SAPPHIRE 20 Gauge Craft Wire - 8 yards

    SAPPHIRE Blue Craft Wire, 20 Gague Darice 3958-51 8 yards Sapphire Blue craft wire 20 gauge wire is about 0.035 inch / 0.86mm diameter Solid copper wire with a tarnish resistant colored coating Use for jewelry, Earrings, bracelet, necklace,...
  • SE

    Deluxe Swiveling Bench Vise

    Deluxe Swiveling Bench Vise Vise body is constructed of aluminum 3 inch smooth jaws are protected with rubber jaw covers Rubber base protects the table top to which the vise is attached The vice's jaw assembly rotates a full 360 degrees and swivels...
  • SE

    12pc 3 1/4 inch Plastic Tarp Clips

    Plastic Tarp Clips 12 pieces 3 1/4 inches long Jaws open 1/2 inch Jaws are 1 inch wide Attach to a tarp or any similar type of material Use in place of missing grommets Hole for bungee cord, rope or tie downs Serrated jaws tightly lock into...
  • Darice

    Darice 3958-68 BLACK 26 Gauge Craft Wire - 30 yards

    BLACK 26 Gauge Craft Wire, 30 yards Darice 3958-68 30 yards 26 gauge Black coated copper wire Wire is approximately 0.0165 inch / 0.42mm in diameter This craft wire is made of solid copper wire with a tarnish resistant colored coating
  • Dremel

    Dremel 692 6pc Router Bit Set

    Dremel 692 Router Bit Set 6 piece set 1/8 inch shank High-speed router bits made from high-grade steel Packaged in a reusable plastic case Dremel 612 - Beading Router Bit Dremel 615 - 1/8 inch CORNER ROUNDING Router Bit Dremel 617 - 1/4 inch...
  • SE

    HSS Router Bit Set 1/8 inch Shank Wood Box - 10pc

    10pc Router Bit Set 10 piece set 1 1/2 inches long 1/8 inch shanks Includes Straight, Trim, V-Groove, Beading, Cove and Slot Cutter Heat treated high speed steel router bits Wood storage box For use with Dremel rotary tools Previously...
  • SE

    Magnetic Pick-Up Tool - 9 pound

    9 pound Magnetic Pick-Up Tool Will pick objects weighing up to 9 pounds Collapsed length is 6 1/2 inches Extends to 26 inch overall Tip is about 5/8 inch diameter Pocket Clip Soft Grip handle Handle color may vary
  • US Military

    P-51 Military Can Opener - USA

    P-51 Military Can Opener 51mm long The big brother to the P-38 Can Opener Designed in the 1980s to open #10 cans and the large 36 soldier meal pack or T-Packs About twice the size of the P-38 but about twice as easy to use due to it's larger...
  • SE

    10pc AG13 Alkaline Button Cell Batteries - 1.5 Volt

    AG13 Alkaline Button Cell Batteries 10 per package 1.5 Volt, 140mah Capacity 0.45 inches in diameter by 0.22 inches thick Also replaces LR44, LR154, SG13, SK44, SR44, A76, 576, 157, 303, and 357 Watch battery also use for cameras and small...
  • Darice

    Darice 1999-1529 Copper 12 gauge Aluminum Wire - 3 yards

    Darice 1999-1529 12 Gauge Copper Aluminum Craft Wire 12 Gauge 3 Yards Copper colored Solid aluminum wire that is dipped in a tarnish resistant coating Use with nylon jaw pliers to prevent marring Deep bends or overworking can stretch the wire and...
  • Darice

    Darice 3959-03 Pink 26 Gauge Silver Plate Wire - 30 yards

    PINK Silver Plated Craft Wire, 26 Gauge Darice 3959-03 26 gauge wire Approximately 0.0165 inch / 0.42mm in diameter Pink colored Copper core plated in sterling silver then dipped in a tarnish resistant color Superior quality shaping wire Easily...
  • SE

    Jewelry Polishing Cloth - Yellow/Red - 12 x 12 inch

    Yellow/Red Jewelry Polishing Cloth Yellow outer cloth for buffing Red inner cloth is treated with polishing rouge for removing tarnish, grease, dirt Use on gold, silver, brass, etc Cloth measures approximately 12 x 12 inches
  • Beadsmith

    Sticky Bead Mat - 5 1/2 x 3 1/4 inch

    BeadSmith Sticky Bead Mat BEADSMITH BMS1 Mat measures about 5 1/2 x 3 1/4 inch Will not leave a residue on your project Ideal for keeping small beads and parts right where you want them Also use as a mini bead board to arrange small jewelry...
  • PTC

    2 x 3 inch 2 mil Clear Zip Lock Bags - 100ct

    100pc 2 x 3 Clear Zip Lock Bags 100 count 2 inch wide x 3 inch deep 2 mil plastic storage bags More substantial, smoother, and easier to write on that 1 mil economy zip lock bags Zip top closure Use to store embellishments, buttons, brads, beads,...
  • HAWK

    5pc Small Part Drying Strip with Suction Cups

    Small Part Drying Strip 5 clips Strip is about 12 inches long with clear suction cups on either end Alligator clips hang down from the strip Clip onto small parts for drying, painting, etc Hang using the included suction cups or on other hardware...