Hobby Tool

Hobby Tool

  • Rotozip

    Compare to Rotozip RZ125 Carbide Tile Cutting Bit

    Compare to Rotozip RZ125 Carbide Bit 1/8 inch diameter 1/8 inch shank May have a protective wax coating and marked Irwin 1/8 inch For use with Rotozip tools Not in retail packaging Previously SGQ9-RZ125
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    18mm 10x Chrome Teardrop Economy Jewelers Loupe

    18mm 10x Chrome Teardrop Jewelers Loupe 18mm diameter lens 10x magnification Single element glass lens Chrome teardrop shape glass lens Does not include a case Loupe has a bail to add a jump ring for use with a chain or ball chain; not...
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    5 inch No AA Brass Tapered Tweezer Sharp Tip

    Brass #AA Tweezers, sharp tips 5 inches overall in length Sharp tips Tapered tweezers have thicker shanks up to the point, resulting in stronger tips The correct tweezers for handling parts that scratch easily Tapered shank with beveled...
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    3/16 inch Diamond Chain Saw Sharpener 1/8 inch Shank

    3/16 inch Diamond Coated Chain Saw Sharpening Bit 3/16 inch diameter x 1 inch long diamond cylinder 1/8 inch shank is 3/4 inch long 120 grit For use with Dremel Rotary Tools Diamond coated burr for sharpening chain...
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    3pc Excel 55670 Razor Saw Set USA

    3pc Excel Razor Saw Set Excel 55670 3 piece set K5 heavy duty red handle Excel 30450 pull cut saw blade 1 x 5 inch, 42 teeth per inch Excel 30490 pull cut saw blade 1.25 x 5 inch, 46 teeth per inch Compare to X-Acto X75300 Precision Razor Saw...
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    4 inch Brass Vernier Caliper

    4 inch Brass Vernier Caliper 4 Inch Measures in inches and millimeters Brass body Measures outside only Not a calibrated, high quality precision instrument For hobby and craft use
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    Fiskars 9507 No 4 Detail Craft Scissors

    Fiskars No 4 Detail Scissors Fiskars 95077097J (9507-7097) 4 inches long overall 1 inch blades Precision-ground, stainless steel blades Compact size for precise cutting and control Excellent for detailed cutting Cut cloth, yarn, ribbon, film, string,...
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    Dental Pick - 5 5/8 inch Straight Probe

    Straight Probe Single Ended Dental Pick 5 5/8 inch overall Used for scraping in tight areas, making holes in soft materials, or scribing Constructed of magnetic stainless steel New but not sterile For industrial and hobby use only Handle style...
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    5pc X-ACTO X218 No 18 Heavy Weight Chiseling Knife Blade

    5pc X-ACTO No 18 Heavyweight Chiseling Knife Blades X-Acto X218 5 piece #18 Heavyweight chisel blade 1/2 inch cutting edge Fits 3/8 inch X-Acto No 2 Type C and D or Excel K2, K5, K6, and K7 handles; not included For deep cross and smooth wood...
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    10X Aluminum Eye Cup Loupe

    10X Jewelers Eye Loupe 10x magnification 7/8 inch diameter lens Glass lens Aluminum body Hold wide end of the cup it in your eye socket like a monocle Free both hands for work Use to inspect jewelry, stamps, coins, plants, and more
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    4.5 inch No 6 Oblique Tweezer Sharp Tip

    #6 Oblique Point Bent Angle Tweezers 4.5 inches long overall Sharp tips Designed with sharp angled hook like tips for bending and coiling Made of magnetic stainless steel For industrial and hobby use New but not sterile
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    Precision Spatula Set - 4pc Double Ended

    4pc Spatula Set 4 piece set 6 to 7 inches long overall Stainless steel New but not sterile For industrial or hobby and craft use
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    Dental Pick - Spring and Inverted Spring Hooks - Coated

    Double End Spring / Inverted Spring Hook 8 inches long overall Plastic coated handle Double ended dental tool Spring hook end and an inverted spring hook end Stainless steel New but not sterile For industrial or hobby use Additional Quantity...
  • Excel

    100pc Excel 22618 No 18 Large Chisel Knife Blade USA

    100pc Excel No 18 Large Chisel Knife Blade Excel 22618 100 per package #18 large chisel blades For heavy chiseling of softwoods, plastic, wax, linoleum, and more Size: 1 3/16 x 3/8 x 1/2 inch edge Compare to X-ACTO X218 and X618 #18 Heavyweight...
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    Needle Nose Pliers - Bent Jaws 5 inch

    Curved Needle Nose Precision Pliers 5 inches long overall Curved Tips Smooth jaws Constructed with box joints Stainless Steel Handle color may vary from picture
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    100pc 6 inch Cotton Swabs - Wood Shaft

    Special Buy - Regularly $2.97 - 6 inch Cotton Swabs 100 pieces 6 inches long overall Cotton swabs with a wood shaft Single applicator tip Use in soldering, cleaning, swabbing, dabbing Use for paint, oil, solvent, glue, liquids Has a large...
  • Darice

    Darice 26216 Quilling Tool - Comfort Grip Handle

    Darice Quilling Tool with a Comfort Grip Handle Darice 26216 Comfort Grip handle Tool has a slotted and needle end Working ends are about 1/16 x 11/16 inch Quilling tool is about 5 1/2 inches long overall
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    7 inch Diamond Tweezer Serrated Medium Tip Scoop

    7 inch Diamond Tweezer with Scoop 7 inches overall in length Serrated Medium tips Serrated portion of tips are about 3/32 inch wide by 1/2 inch long Scoop is about 13/16 inch wide by 1 inch long by 3/16 inch deep Designed for handling diamonds and...
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    No 60 HSS Twist Drill Bits - 10pc

    No 60 Twist Drill Bits 10 piece #60 wire gauge drill bits 0.040 inch diameter About 1 5/8 inches long overall Made of high speed steel For use in a pin vise or Dremel rotary tool with a keyless chuck at slow speed Drill plastics, soft...