Jeweler Tool

Jeweler Tool

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    1 1/2 inch Round Plastic Jars with Screw On Lids - 5pc

    5pc 1 1/2 inch Round Clear Plastic Containers 5 piece set 1.5 inch round Clear plastic storage containers Outside measures about 1 1/2 inch diameter x 1 1/4 inch tall Inside measures about 1 1/4 inch diameter x 3/4 deep Each one of these has its...
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    1 1/4 inch Round Aluminum Jar Set - 12pc

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    12pc 1 1/4 inch (30mm) Round Aluminum Storage Jar Set 12 piece set 1 1/4 inch (30mm) Round Aluminum jars  Individual containers have an outside height of about 3/4 inch Aluminum hinged box for compact storage Each container has a clear push...
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    10X-28D Dual Lens Eye Loopy

    Clip on Dual Lens Eye Loop 10X Magnification per lens Use both lenses for 20x magnification 28 Diopter individually combining for a total of 56 diopter 7/8 inch diameter lenses Chrome colored lens frame Clip to right or left side of...
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    2pc Brass Clock Winding Key Set - 10 Sizes

    2pc Brass Clock Winding Key set 2 piece set For clocks with square winding shafts Made of brass Odd sizes: 3mm-1/8 inch (3), 3.5mm-9/64 inch (5), 4mm-5/32 inch (7), 4.5mm-0.174 inch (9), and 5mm-13/64 (11).  Even Sizes: 2.75mm-7/64 inch (2),...
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    White Jewelers Rouge - 3oz

    3 ounce White Jewelers Rouge About 3 ounces of dry white rouge Bars measures about 3 x 1 x 1 inch For cut and shiny luster on steel, aluminum, and chrome Due to the delicate nature of dry rouge there may be cracks or breaks in the...
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    5pc 5 1/2 inch Round Diamond Needle Files

    5pc Round Diamond Needle File Set 5 piece set 5 1/2 inches (140mm) long overall The uncoated portion of the file shanks are 7/64 inch Diamond coated files Grits include 80, 120, 150, 200 and 300 Plastic dipped handles, color may vary Great for...
  • Miracle Cloth

    Miracle All Purpose Polishing Cloth

    Miracle All Purpose Polishing Cloth Polishing cloth Measures about 8 1/2 by 11 inch Replaces a full shelf of liquid, paste, and powder cleaners Cleans, waxes and polishes Use on all metals including copper, brass, gold, silver, and platinum Use...
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    Diamond Twist Drill Bit 1/16 inch 120 grit - 10pc

    10pc Diamond Twist Drill Bits 10 per package 1/16 inch shank Diamond Coated length 15-20mm About 1 5/8 inches long overall 120 Grit High speed steel Diamond coated drill Diamond coated accessories will cut into glass, wood, metal, stone,...
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    EUROTOOL BUR-180.00 Cut Lube

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    EUROTOOL BUR-180.00 Cut Lube Extends the life of burs, cutters, drills, gravers, saw blades, etc. Helps keep tools sharp Reduces friction, chatter, and damaging heat build up Protects from corrosion Convenient push-up tube Clean and easy to...
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    6 inch Plastic Vernier Caliper

    6 inch Vernier Caliper Measures in inches and millimeters Plastic body Color and style may vary Not a calibrated, high quality precision instrument For hobby and craft use
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    6 inch Pipe Forcep for Piercing

    6 inch Pipe Forcep 6 inches long overall Stainless steel Holds thick materials securely while a needle is passed though the pipe at the tip Great for working with leather New but not sterile For industrial and hobby use
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    Steel Dapping Block - 1 inch cube

    1 inch Steel Dapping Block 1 inch x 1 inch x 1 inch block Dapping blocks are used to form metal into a dome shape Any soft bendable metal or material can be used The dapping block is used in conjunction with a dapping punches, sold...
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    Watch Repair Tool Kit - BLACK - 16pc

    Black 16pc Watch Repair Tool Kit 16 piece set Plastic body watch band link removal tool Stainless steel tweezers Watch spring bar tool 3 pin push tools Watch case knife Plastic watch band/bracelet holder Needle nose pliers Watchmakers...
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    3/4 inch Plastic Storage Containers - Screw On Lids - 30pc

    3/4 inch Round Plastic Storage Containers 30 containers with screw on lids Clear plastic Outside each container is about 1 inch diameter by 1 1/5 inches tall Inside they are about 3/4 inch diameter by 1 inch tall These containers will not stack...
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    1/4 x 5/8 inch Cone Diamond Bead Reamers - 10pc

    10pc 1/4 x 5/8 inch Diamond Bead Reamers 10 piece set 1/4 inch diameter tapering to 3/64 at the tip Cone is about 5/8 inch from tip to shank 1/8 inch shank Overall length is about 1 3/4 inches Diamond coated accessories will cut into glass, wood,...
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    Jewelers Pickup Tool - 5 Finger

    Jewelers Pickup Tool 5 Prong 5 finger prongs Gem holder, small parts pick up tool Very handy for handling small, light items such as gem stones Prongs open about 1/2 of an inch Push button on the end of the tool to open jaws and release to grip...
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    Pin Vise - Single End - Mini

    Mini Single Ended Pin Vise 2 3/4 inches overall Collet is not removable Holds 0 to 1/32 inch Works with #61-80 drill bit sets Use for jewelry, watches, clocks, models, miniatures, hobby & crafts New but may not be in retail packaging
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    1/16 x 7/8 inch Diamond Bead Reamers - 10pc

    10pc 1/16 inch Diamond Bead Reamer 10 piece set 1/16 x 7/8 inch rat-tail bead reamer 1/8 inch shank 2 inch overall in length Approximately 0.0195 inch at the very tip Diamond coated accessories will cut into glass, wood, metal, stone, practically...