Jeweler Tool

Jeweler Tool

  • Keystone

    100pc 2mm Micro Applicator Brush Set - Fine

    Regular 2mm Micro Applicator Brush Set 100 piece set Applicator brush tips are approximately 2mm wide 4 inches long overall Made of non-linting, not-absorbent fibers arranged in a spherical shape Applicators hold solutions in suspension,...
  • HAWK

    2 1/2 inch Economy Jewelers Saw Frame

    Economy Jewelers Saw Frame Saw Frame has 2 1/2 inch throat depth Use with jewelers saw blades; no blades included Cut precious metals, metals, coins, plastic, or wood For jewelry, coin pendants, jump rings, model cars, trains, planes, hobbies &...
  • SE

    2 1/2 inch Jewelers Bench Block

    Jewelers Steel Bench Block 2 1/2 x 2 1/2 x 7/8 inch bench blocks Used for flattening, stamping, chasing and laying out designs Constructed of tempered steel May not be polished and perfectly smooth
  • SE

    3 inch Jeweler's Saw Frame with Tension Screw

    Deluxe Jeweler's Saw Frame 3 inch Deep Tension screw makes it easy to adjust the blade to the exact tension desired Contoured wood handle Holds standard jewelers saw blades Use to make intricate cuts for jewelry, art, hobby and craft No blades...
  • SE

    Round Nose Precision Pliers - 5 inch

    Round Nose Precision Pliers5 inches overallAbout 1.5mm at each tipBoth jaws are round and taper to the tipsConstructed with box jointsStainless SteelRound nose pliers are used to bend wire Make jump rings or chains, bend headpins and wire wrappingHandle...
  • Super

    Super Rust Eraser - Germany

    Super Rust Eraser. Erases rust, tarnish, and other surface blemishes on metals leaving a fine brushed satin finish. Great for cleaning light rust from cast iron cookwear prior to seasoning. Measures about 3 1/8 x 1 x 9/16 inch. Made in Germany Not in...
  • SE

    144pc Jewelers Saw Blades - 6 Sizes

    Jewelers Saw Blades 6 sizes 144 pieces 24 saw blades per each size 4/0, 64 teeth per inch, use for 22 B&S gauge 3/0, 61 teeth per inch, use for 22 B&S gauge 2/0, 56 teeth per inch, use for 22 B&S gauge 1/0, 53.5 teeth per inch, use...
  • SE

    Ring Sizer Set - 36pc Metal

    Metal Ring Size Tester36 piece4 size rangesUS sizes 1-15Millimeter sizes 13-24.2International sizes 1-36CU sizes 41-76There may be variations between ring sticks and ring sizersUS sizes are marked in whole, half ( - ) and 3/4 ( = ) increments except the...
  • SE

    2 inch Round Aluminum Jar Set - 12pc

    Round Aluminum Storage Jar Set 12 piece set 2 inch (53mm) Round   Individual containers have an outside height of about 7/8 inch Each container has a clear push on lid. Keep in your own craft storage system Use magnets or adhesive...
  • SE

    21mm 10x Black Teardrop Economy Jewelers Loupe

    21mm 10x Black Teardrop Economy Jewelers Loupe 21mm diameter lens 10X magnification K9 optical glass lens constructed of a single element Black anodized metal body and lens holder Loupe has a bail to add a jump ring so it can be used on a chain; not...
  • SE

    25mm 10X Jeweler's Loupe White and UV Light

    25mm 10X Illuminated Jeweler's Loupe 25mm diameter lens 10x magnification Illuminated with two white LED lights and one UV Light Frame is constructed of plastic UV illumination is great for checking hidden marks on documents, id cards, stones,...
  • SE

    Ring Holding Pliers - Coated Handles

    Ring Holding Pliers 6 inches overall Stainless Steel constructed with box joints Rubber coated handles color may vary Smallest ring these will hold is about 5/8 inches in diameter
  • SE

    250pc Eye Glass and Watch Repair Screw Assortment

    250pc Eye Glass and Watch Repair Screw Assortment 250 piece assorted screws 3.5mm Pipe Full Threads 4.5mm Pipe Full Threads 4.2 BHO Super Half Threads 2.5mm Carbon Full Threads 8.0 BHO Super Half Threads with Hex Imp Nut 3.0mm R/B Full Threads ...
  • SE

    3.3X-1.75D Triple Lens Eye Loopy

    3.3X Triple Lens Eye Loopy 3.3X Magnification per lens Use one lens for 3.3x magnification Use both lenses for 6.6x magnification Use all three lenses for 9.9 magnification One Lens 1.75 Diopter, Two Lenses 3.5 Diopter, Three Lenses 5.25...
  • SE

    6.5 inch Diamond Tweezer Serrated Medium Tip

    6 1/2 inch Diamond Tweezers 6 1/2 inches overall in length Serrated medium tips Serrated portion of tips are about 7/64 inch wide by 11/16 inch long Designed for handling diamonds and other precious stones The tips have serrations to securely grip...
  • SE

    6pc Tweezer Set Diamond and Gemstone

    6pc Diamond and Gemstone Tweezers Kit 6 piece set 6 1/4 inch Serrated Medium Point tweezers with scoop 6 1/4 inch Serrated Medium Point Tweezers 6 1/4 inch Serrated Blunt Point Tweezers 6 1/4 inch Serrated Slide Lock Medium Point Stainless Steel...
  • SE

    Diamond HSS Twist Drill Bit 5/64 inch 120 grit - 10pc

    10pc Diamond Twist Drill Bit 10 per package 5/64 inch Diamond Coated length 15-20mm About 2 inches long overall 120 grit Diamond coated high speed steel Diamond coated accessories will cut into glass, wood, metal, stone, practically...
  • Simco

    Flat Nose Pliers - Brass Lined Jaws - 5 1/2 inch

    Brass Lined Flat Nose Pliers 5 1/2 inches overall Flat Jaws with flat rectangular tips Soft brass lining in the jaws to hold wire or delicate items without marring Jaws are approximately 15/16 inch long x 3/16 wide Tips are about 1/2 inch thick...
  • SE

    Large Single Horn Jewelers Bench Anvil

    Large Single Horn Jewelers Bench Anvil Wide flat horn and face For repairing, forming, shaping, bending, flattening Measures about 1.5 inch by 2.5 inch by 5 inches overall Previously SDD5-8752JA
  • SE

    Nylon Jaw Flat Nose Pliers - 5.5 inch

    Flat Nose Plier with Nylon Jaws 5 1/2 inches overall Stainless steel pliers with nylon jaw The working surface of the jaws are about 15/16 inch long by 3/8 inch wide Replaceable nylon jaws Pliers constructed with a box joint Prevents marring while...