• Excel

    100pc Excel 22611 No 11 Knife Blades - USA

    Excel No 11 Double Honed Angled Knife Blades Excel 22611 100 piece package #11 is the most popular hobby knife blade Carbon Steel Double honing provides the sharpest edge Excel sells General purpose light duty blade with a straight edge Use for...
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    CLOSEOUT - 3/32 inch Brass Collet

    3/32 inch Brass Collet Closeout items are non-returnable These are on closeout because the machining isn't as nice as it should be Holds bits with a 3/32 inch shank Generic replacement for Dremel 481 collet Compatible with Dremel 225 Flex-Shaft...
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    Mini Ratcheting Bar Clamp

    Special Buy - Regularly $2.97 - Mini Ratcheting Bar Clamps 7 1/2 inches overall in length The jaws open about 4 inches Metal bar Plastic jaws protect project from marring Squeeze handle to ratchet tighten the clamp Quick release button to slide...
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    7 inch College Tweezer Sharp Tip

    Now: $0.99
    Was: $1.49
    Special Buy - 7 inch College Tweezers 7 inches long overall Sharp tips Slightly magnetic at tip College tweezers are designed for use in university and other labs Constructed of non-magnetic stainless steel The weld to join the two arms is...
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    3pc Excel 55670 Razor Saw Set USA

    3pc Excel Razor Saw Set Excel 55670 3 piece set K5 heavy duty red handle Excel 30450 pull cut saw blade 1 x 5 inch, 42 teeth per inch Excel 30490 pull cut saw blade 1.25 x 5 inch, 46 teeth per inch Compare to X-Acto X75300 Precision Razor Saw...
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    100pc 6 inch Cotton Swabs - Wood Shaft

    Special Buy - Regularly $2.97 - 6 inch Cotton Swabs 100 pieces 6 inches long overall Cotton swabs with a wood shaft Single applicator tip Use in soldering, cleaning, swabbing, dabbing Use for paint, oil, solvent, glue, liquids Has a large...
  • Testors

    Testors 882810 Assorted Hobby Knife Blades - 10pc

    Special Buy - Regularly $1.97 - 10pc Testors Assorted Hobby Knife Blades Testors 882810 10 assorted hobby knife blades For models, miniatures, paper crafting, art, taxidermy, lab work, repairs Fits Excel K1, K2, K17, K18, Fiskars Fingertip Control...
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    34pc Needle File Set

    Special Buy - 34pc Needle File Set 34 piece set Made by combining 3 different needle file sets 12pc 2mm x 100mm Fine Cut Mini Needle File Set 12pc 3mm x 140mm Needle File Set with plastic dipped handles 10pc 3mm x 140mm Angled Riffler Needle File...
  • Compare to Dremel

    6pc Compare to Dremel 428 Steel Wheel Brush 3/4 Inch USA

    Special Buy - Compare to Dremel 428 Steel Wheel Brush Set 6 piece set 1/8 inch shank 3/4 inch wheel For use with Dremel rotary tools Ideal for cleaning and removing rust and corrosion Use on brass, copper or other soft ferrous metals Use wire...
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    Dental Pick Set - 6pc General Purpose

    Special Buy - Regularly $5.97 - 6pc General Purpose Dental Pick Set 6 piece set Double ended 90 degree bent scraper Double ended curved probe Double ended hook probe Single ended hook probe Single ended bent probe Single ended 90 degree bent...
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    2pc Brass Clock Winding Key Set - 10 Sizes

    2pc Brass Clock Winding Key set 2 piece set For clocks with square winding shafts Made of brass Odd sizes: 3mm-1/8 inch (3), 3.5mm-9/64 inch (5), 4mm-5/32 inch (7), 4.5mm-0.174 inch (9), and 5mm-13/64 (11).  Even Sizes: 2.75mm-7/64 inch (2),...
  • Antler Abrasives

    Rubber Polishing Wheel and Mandrel Set - USA - 72pc

    Special Buy - Regularly $14.97 - Antler Abrasives Indestructro Hard Rubber Polishing Wheels Special buy (706) - 10pc 7/8 inch Fine Grey Rubber Polishing Wheels, USA (703) - 10pc 7/8 inch Medium Grey Rubber Polishing Wheels, USA. For rapid...
  • PTC

    3/4 x 3/32 inch SE Diamond Wheel - 1/8 inch shank

    3/4 Inch Diamond Wheel 3/4 inch diameter x 3/32 inch thick diamond wheel 1/8 inch shank Diamond coated accessories will cut into glass, wood, metal, stone, practically anything For longer life, use with a cooling agent such as Eurotool Slick...
  • Dremel

    Dremel 678-01 Circle Cutter and Straight Edge Guide

    Dremel 678-01 Circle Cutter and Straight Edge Guide Makes circles from 3/4-12 inches (1.9-30 cm) in diameter Precision stamped steel construction for accuracy and durability Attaches quickly and easily without tools Depth adjustment allows easy...
  • Black and Decker

    Black and Decker RT1014 Emery Cut-off Wheels - USA - 50pc

    Special Buy - 50pc Black and Decker Emery Cutoff Wheels Black and Decker RT1014 50 piece package 15/16 inch diameter cut-off wheels 0.025 inch thick Similar to Dremel 409 cut-off wheels Use with 1/16 inch screw mandrel; not included For use with...
  • Excel

    4pc Excel 20750 Carving Router Set USA

    4pc Excel Carving Router Set Excel 20750 4 piece set 20710 small round carving router 20720 small V carving router 20730 large round carving router 20740 square carving router For shaving or carving wood, plastic, wax, clay, plaster, linoleum,...
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    7/8 inch 200 Grit See Through Diamond Disc Set - 6pc

    Special Buy - Regularly $4.97 - 7/8 inch See Through Diamond Disc Set 6 piece set 5 Discs & 1 Mandrel 7/8 diameter x 0.021 inch thick diamond discs 200 Grit 1/8 inch shank screw mandrel For use with Dremel type rotary tools Discs have holes...