• Simco

    5pc Small Hemostat Set

    5pc Small Stainless Steel Hemostat Set Serrated jaws Hemostats are similar to lightweight locking pliers, but have finger loops like scissors Locks have multiple locking positions to clamp onto various thicknesses of materials 5.5 inch hemostat...
  • Black and Decker

    Black and Decker RT1018 Emery Cut-off Wheels - USA - 36pc

    Special Buy - 36pc Black and Decker 15/16 inch Emery Cutoff Wheels Black and Decker RT1018 36 piece 15/16 inches / 23mm in diameter cut-off wheels 0.025 inch / 0.6mm thick Very similar to Dremel 409 cut-off wheels Use with 1/16 inch Screw...
  • SE

    100 Grit Diamond Core Hole Saw Set - 10pc

    Diamond Glass and Tile Core Hole Saw Set 10 piece set 1/8, 5/32, 13/64, 1/4, 9/32, 5/16, 11/32, 3/8, 7/16 and 1/2 inch 1/8 inch shank 2 1/2 inches long overall 100 grit Drills holes in glass, tile, marble, gemstones, slate, etc Diamond grit a...
  • On Sale


    Dremel 617 Old Style Core Box Router Bit - Open Package

    Now: $1.99
    Was: $7.49
    Special Buy - Dremel 617 Old Style Core Box Router Bit - Open Package Regularly $2.97 1/8 inch shank diameter Made of high-speed steel Old Style Dremel 617 but not in retail packaging For routing, inlaying and mortising in wood and other soft...
  • SE

    Twist Drill Bits No 61-80 and Pin Vise - 20pc

    Twist Drill Bits and Pin Vise 20 piece No 61-80 wire gauge drill set Drill bits are about 0.013 inch to 0.038 inch diameter Drill bits are made of high speed steel Single end pin vise with swivel head Second collet is stored under the handle Pin...
  • SE

    1.25 inch Plastic Storage Containers - Screw On Lids - 24pc

    24 in 1 Plastic Containers with Screw on Lids 24 containers each with its own lid Clear hard plastic may have light surface scratches Outside measures about 1 1/2 inches diameter by 7/8 inches tall Inside measures about 1 1/4 inches diameter x 3/4...
  • Vermont American

    CLOSEOUT- 3pc Slotted Finder Screwdriver Hex Bit Set.

    CLOSEOUT- Slotted Finder Screwdrivers 3pc set #6-8 #8-10 #10-12 Hex drive Bits Makes it easy to drive slotted screws Spring loaded sleeve slides over the screw keeping the bit centered Only closeouts because of large quantity on hand and slotted screws...
  • SE

    21mm 10x Triplet Chrome Teardrop Jewelers Loupe

    21mm 10x Triplet Chrome Teardrop Jewelers Loupe 21mm diameter lens 10x magnification Premium quality Color corrected lens Triple element lens A triplet lens is constructed by combining three separate pieces of glass for crystal clear...
  • SE

    Hard Felt Polishing Set - 11pc

    Special Buy - Regularly $7.97 - Mounted Hard Felt Polishing Set 11 piece set Assorted Felt Polishing Points Sizes range from 1/4 to 1/2 inch diameter 1/8 inch shank Hard felt is constructed of pure wool Assortment may vary from picture Shapes...
  • SE

    7.5X Plastic Eye Cup Loupe

    Special Buy - Regularly $1.49 - 7.5X Jewelers Eye Loupe 7.5x magnification Glass Lens Lens is about 7/8 inch diameter Designed to bel held in your eye socket like a monocle Frees both hand for work Body is constructed of Plastic
  • SE

    Felt Inside Ring Polisher - 5/8 to 7/8 inch

    Special Buy - Felt Inside Ring Polisher, 4 inch Wooden Mandrel with Felt for polishing the inside of rings The felt ranges from 5/8 to 7/8 inch in diameter The wooden mandrel has a 1/4 inch hole in the end
  • Super

    Super Rust Eraser - Germany

    Super Rust Eraser. Erases rust, tarnish, and other surface blemishes on metals leaving a fine brushed satin finish. Great for cleaning light rust from cast iron cookwear prior to seasoning. Measures about 3 1/8 x 1 x 9/16 inch. Made in Germany Not in...
  • SE

    Medium Grit Diamond Burrs - 1/8 inch shank - 30pc

    Special Buy - 30pc Medium 120-150 Grit Diamond Burrs 1/8 inch shank 120 -150 medium grit Assorted shapes diamond points including round, cylinder, cone Assortment may vary from picture For use with Dremel type rotary tools Diamond coated...
  • SE

    CLOSEOUT - 1/32 inch Brass Collet

    1/32 inch Brass Collet Closeout items are non-returnable. These are on closeout because the machining isn't as nice as it should be Holds bits with a 1/32 inch shank Generic replacement for Dremel 483 collet Compatible with Dremel 225 Flex-Shaft...
  • On Sale


    Dremel 612 BEADING Router Bit

    Now: $3.59
    Was: $7.49
    Special Buy - Regularly $7.49 - Dremel 612 Piloted Beading Router Bit 3/32 inch Piloted Beading Router Bit 1/8 inch shank High Speed Steel For use with Dremel type rotary tools Use with Dremel 230 and 330 Router Attachments and 231 Shaper/Router...
  • PTC

    1 x 3/32 inch Diamond Wheel - 1/8 inch shank

    Special Buy - Regularly $2.49 - 1 inch Diamond Wheel 1 inch diameter by 3/32 inch thick diamond wheel 1/8 inch shank Diamond coated accessories will cut into glass, wood, metal, stone, practically anything For longer life, use with a cooling agent...
  • Fiskars

    Fiskars 01-004943 No 8 All-Purpose Craft Scissors

    MSRP: $7.97
    Special Buy - Regularly $9.97 - Fiskars No 8 Multi-Purpose Scissors Fiskars 01-004943 8 inches long overall 3 3/4 inch blades Stainless steel blades Perfect for multipurpose cutting Cut cardboard, paper, fabric, tape, film and many other craft...
  • SE

    Medium Grit Diamond Burr Set - 1/8 inch shank - 20pc

    Special Buy - Regularly $4.97 - 120 to 150 Grit Diamond Burr Set 20 piece set Assorted shaped diamond points including ball, cylinder and cone Assortment may vary from picture Medium 120-150 Grit 1/8 inch shank For use with Dremel Rotary...
  • SE

    5 inch No 11 Tapered Tweezer Sharp Tip

    Special Buy - #11 Tapered Tweezers, 5 Inch 5 inches long overall Sharp tips Tapered tweezers have thicker shanks up to the point, resulting in stronger tips For general use Tapered shanks have beveled edges for handling parts with...