Watch Case

Watch Case

  • SE

    Adjustable Watch Movement Holder - Large

    Aluminum Watch Case Holder - Large Hold watch cases up to about 2 1/2 inches diameter This movement holder comes with 4 pegs Place pegs in holes along the jaws of the vise Great vise for many things besides just watches
  • Eurotool

    Jumbo 2 3/16 inch Watch Case Opener - 13pc - Folding Case

    Jumbo Jaxa Style Watch Case Opener 13 piece set Adjustable handle to fit watches from 3/4 inch(19mm) up to 2 3/16 inches (55mm) in diameter 3 pins for cases with holes 3 pins for oyster cases 3 pins for polygonal cases 3 pins for slotted...
  • SE

    Watch Case Back Opener

    Watch Case Back Opener Ergonomic Design for a more comfortable grip About 3 1/4 inches overall in length Open watches with snap on backs Stainless steel with a plastic handle
  • SE

    Watch Case Holder

    Watch Case Holder Micro vise to hold watches while opening or doing repair work Adjustable to fit most watches 4 nylon pegs prevent scratches to delicate surfaces 3 adjustment holes for each peg
  • SE

    Watch Case Knife

    Watch Case Knife Used to open watches with snap on backs Gentle leverage will open even the most stubborn cases Constructed of stainless steel Plastic handle color will vary Previously BBB87
  • SE

    Watch Case Opener Tool Set - 3pc

    Watch Case Opener Tool Set3 piece setWatch Case Knife10X cup eye loupe magnifier;5/64 inch watch case spanner case opener Previously BAJ3-JT6219
  • SE

    Watch Crab

    Watch CrabOpen watch backs for repair or changing the batteryUse for watches with screw off backs Jaw opening adjusts from about 15mm to 52mm Previously BBL05