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Walnut Hollow 41765 Transfer Point

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Walnut Hollow 41765 Transfer Point

  • Walnut Hollow 41765
  • Transfer photocopies of black & white and color laser images onto surfaces
    1. Make a black & white or color laser copy of the image to be transferred.

      (*Note: Any image or pattern will be reversed when you transfer it to your surface. Make sure any lettering is reversed before transferring it to your surface.)

    2. Place the copy face down on the surface of choice.
    3. Using the Transfer Point, press firmly, rubbing continuously in a circular motion on the back of the image.
    4. Lift the paper image often to make sure the image is transferring.
    5. When transferring an image to wood, use sandpaper to correct any mistakes.
  • Circle shapes are easy to stamp using the shape of the point
  • Use with all Walnut Hollow Hot Tools
  • Measures about 17/64 x 31/32 inch overall in size
  • 8-32 threads
  • Options and functions for all types of needs for hobbyists, crafters, and artists
  • Use on soft wood, gourds, leather, rubber, cork, paper crafts, chip board, and more
  • Many ways to customize, personalize and create with technique points
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Walnut Hollow: 41765


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