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$3.99 Economy S&H on $10+ Orders

Dremel 732 - 2pc Carbon Motor Brush / Spring Set - 90935

Dremel 90935 Carbon Armature Motor Brushes

  • 2 piece
  • Motor brushes consist of a coiled spring of metal with a piece of carbon at the end. They go under the brush cap and rest on the armature, providing the electrical connection to keep the tool running.
  • Improve performance and extend the life of your tool
  • The right brush means proper performance
  • Replace motor brushes for longer motor life. Dremel recommends replacement with every 50-60 hours of use.
  • Simply unplug the tool, open the brush caps and remove the carbon piece from the holder
  • If there is less than 1/8" of carbon left on either brush, they both should be replaced
  • Replacement motor brushes for the model #732 Dremel rotary tool
  • Used with Dremel 2615295064 motor brush caps, which are no longer in production and are not available
  • New but not in retail packaging
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