#23 Stripping

#23 Stripping

  • Excel

    100pc Excel 22623 Double Edge Stripping Knife Blade USA

    100pc Excel No 23 Double Edge Stripping Knife Blade Excel 22623 100 per package 1 13/16 x 3/8 x 1 inch Edge For trimming and cutting in corners and and tight spaces Make effortless cuts in rubber, linoleum, foam, soft woods, plastic Compare to...
  • X-ACTO

    5pc X-ACTO X223 No 23 Corner Stripping Knife Blades

    5pc X-ACTO No 23 Double Edged Corner Stripping Knife Blades X-ACTO X223 5 piece package For corner cuts, and trimming in tight areas Easily cuts balsa, wood linoleum, rubber, foam, plastic Compare to Excel 20023 #23 Double Edge Stripping Knife...
  • Excel

    Excel 16002 K2 Medium Duty Knife USA

    Excel K2 Aluminum Knife Handle Excel 16002 K2 Medium Duty Handle 7/16 inch diameter x 4 3/4 inches long Blade Safety Cap 4 jaw machined aluminum chuck for secure blade positioning Works with Excel and X-Acto medium blades, heavy duty blades, and...
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    Excel 16005 K5 Heavy Duty Knife USA

    Excel K5 Heavy Duty Handle Knife Excel 16005 K5 knife handle 7/16 inch aluminum adapter, 4 jaw machined aluminum chuck for secure blade positioning Red plastic handle Safety cap Compatible with all X-Acto and Excel Type B and C blades, carving...
  • Excel

    Excel 16006 K6 Heavy Duty Aluminum Knife USA

    Excel K6 Heavy Duty Knife Handle Excel 16006 3/4 inch Aluminum Handle #19 sharp edge angled blade Safety cap 7/16 inch Aluminum Adapter 4 jaw machined aluminum chuck for secure blade positioning For precision cutting, trimming, and stripping of...
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    X-ACTO X3205 No 5 Heavy Duty Handle Type C

    X-ACTO No 5 Heavy Duty Knife Handle X-Acto X3205 Type C Handle #5 Heavy duty red plastic knife handle Metal chuck Includes No 19 Angled Wood Chiseling Blade Use with pull cut razor saws, 3/8 inch shank knife blades, gouges and carving...
  • X-ACTO

    X-ACTO X3206 No 6 Heavy Duty Handle Type C

    X-ACTO Type C No 6 Heavy Duty Aluminum Knife Handle X-ACTO X3206 #6 contoured aluminum handle For Precise, heavy pressure cutting of heavy weight materials Use on wood, board, paper, plastic, and metal Includes No 24 deburring blade Holds 3/8...
  • X-ACTO

    X-ACTO X3602 No 2 Knife Handle Safety Cap Type B

    X-ACTO No 2 Precision Type B Knife with Safety Cap X-ACTO X3002 / X3602 For precision cutting of medium to heavy weight materials. Easily cuts wood, board, paper, plastic, metal, film, and acetate Includes #2 large fine point blade and safety...