Dualflex Cut

Dualflex Cut

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    2pc Excel 20059 Dual Flex Cutter Replacement Blades - USA

    2pc Excel Dual Flex Cutter Replacement Blades, New Style Excel 20059 2 per package For the new style Excel 30608 Dual Flex Cutter, not included The Dual Flex Cutter requires two blades so this is one replacement set Made in USA
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    Excel 70031 Adjustable Dual Flex Cutter - USA

    Excel Adjustable Dual Flex Cutter Excel 70031 Adjustable from 1/16 inch to 5/8 inch wide This Flex Cutter is used for cutting perfect circles, curves, scrolls, strips, stencil film, and will also lock rigidly for straight work Identical to Excel...