Pet Tools

Pet Tools

  • Simco

    10 1/2 inch Barber Scissors

    10 1/2 inch Barber Scissors 10 1/2 inches long overall 5 inch blades Finger rest Constructed of ASI 420 Stainless Steel Great for grooming larger animals
  • SE

    12 inch Serrated Thumb Tweezer Blunt Tip

    12 inch Serrated Thumb Tweezers 12 inches long overall Serrated blunt tips Serrated portion of tips are about 1 1/2 inches long The handles have serrated grips for a secure hold Constructed of magnetic stainless steel Serrated thumb tweezers are...
  • SZCO

    4 1/2 inch Pet Nail Cutting Scissors

    Pet Nail Cutting Scissors 4 1/2 inches overall Stainless Steel Use for dogs, cats, birds and reptiles We use these on our bearded dragons nails Product may vary slightly from picture
  • Simco

    7 inch Curved Barber Scissors

    Curved Barber Scissors 7 inches long overall Blades are about 2 3/4 inches Stainless Steel Great for cutting hair in areas around ears or necklines Use for pet grooming around ears, pads, or tails
  • Dremel

    Dremel 475 - 80 grit Carbide Sanding Drum - Open Package

    Open Package Dremel 475 Carbide Sanding Drum Dremel 475 but not in retail packaging 80 grit 1/2 inch x 1/2 inch drum 1/8 inch shank Use on a variety of materials Use on woods, fiberglass, laminates, plastic, leather, styrofoam The carbide grit...
  • HAWK

    Foam Sanding Drum Set - 1/8 inch shank

    Foam Drum Sanding Set 3 piece set Two sanding drums with foam core 1/8 inch shank mandrel Sanding drums are 11/16 inch diameter x 1/2 inch long Great for filing pet nails The foam has a give to it that makes it gentler on your pet For use with...