Swivel Knives

Swivel Knives

  • DAFA

    14pc Compass Cutter Replacement Blades and Pencil

    Compass Cutter Replacement Blades and Pencil Lead 14 piece Includes 12 blades and 2 pencil leads For use with X-Acto Compass Cutter X7753 For use with X-Acto Circle Cutter X2010 For use with DAFA Compass Cutter C-101 For use with Compass Cutter 54907-T
  • Excel

    2pc Excel 20064 Swivel Blade USA

    2pc Excel Swivel Blade Excel 20064 2 per package 13/16 x 1/8 x 1/8 inch Edge Fits Excel #16004 Swivel Knife Handle, not included Rotates 360 degrees for cutting circles on film, stencils, cloth, or paper Made in USA
  • HAWK

    Compass Cutter 6 inch 150mm

    Compass Cutter Cut circles up to 6 inches or 150mm diameter Inch and metric ruler Cuts circles in paper, cardstock, leather, rubber, vinyl and more A ratchet knob locks size into place Stationary pivot needle insures perfect circles Includes one...
  • DAFA

    Compass Cutter Compare to X-ACTO X7753

    Compass CutterThe Compass Cutter is a convenient tool for cutting or drawing perfect circlesCreate circles from 10mm to 150mmRadius scale has mm and inch markingsA ratchet knob locks size into placeStationary pivot needle insures perfect circlesDesigned...
  • Excel

    Excel 16004 K4 Swivel Knife USA

    Excel K4 Aluminum Swivel Knife Handle Excel 16004 5/16 x 4 3/4 inch x 5/16 inch diameter handle Includes 1 swivel blade and safety cap Rotates 360 degrees for easy cutting of paper and film Compare to X-ACTO X3241 Craft Swivel Knife Uses Excel...
  • X-ACTO

    X-Acto X245 3pc Craft Swivel Knife Blade Refills

    3pc Craft Swivel Knife Blade Refills X-Acto X245 3 piece set For easy cutting of curves, circles and intricate patterns Cut paper, film, mylar, amberlith, stencils, and decals Rotates 360 degrees Replacement blades for X-ACTO X3241 and X3253...