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    8pc 5.25 inch Wood Carving Chisel Set

    Wood Carving Chisel Set 8 piece set 5 1/4 inches long overall Steel blades 4 inch wood handles 7/32 inch Straight Chisel 9/32 inch Straight Chisel 7/32 inch Skew Chisel 9/32 inch Skew Chisel 3/16 inch Arc Chisel 7/32 inch Arc Chisel 9/32...
  • SE

    Dust Blower

    Dust Blower Rubber bulb with a brass nozzle Nozzle may be chrome plated or vary slightly from picture Thin nozzle points a precise high-velocity puff of air No canned propellant or moisture from your breath Use to lift away specks and dust from a...
  • Excel

    Excel 44287 Airplane Tool Set

    Deluxe Airplane Hobby Tool Set Excel 44287 K1 light duty knife handle and blade #11 classic fine point blade #16 scoring blade #19 angled chisel blade Snap utility knife Sharp curved and straight tweezers Flat and round needle files Large and...
  • HAWK

    Mini Detail Chisel Set - 6pc

    Mini Chisel Set 6 piece set 5 1/2 inches long overall Stainless Steel These may need some sharpening for optimal performance

    XURON TK 2100 Modelers Tool Kit USA

    XURON TK 2100 Modelers Tool Kit 3 piece kit This kit belongs on every modeler's workbench 410T High Precision Shear - Tapered head sprue cutter Use for delicate work in small areas 450 Tweezernose pliers - ultimate needle nose pliers with smooth...

    XURON TK3200 Professional Modelers Tool Kit - USA

    Professional Modelers Tool KitXURON TK32009180ET Professional Etch Scissors - For trimming photo etch parts, not for wire2175ET Professional Sprue Cutter - For trimming soft plastic sprue, not for wireModel 450 Tweezer Nose PlierMade in USA